As a mechatronics specialist, I've led innovative projects in autonomous systems, blending mechanical, electrical, and software components seamlessly. From designing and implementing robotic systems for stereo-photogrammetry to carrying out mechanical and electronics manufacturing requests for a wide range of PhD and Master's projects during my time as a technician, my work embodies the synergy of diverse engineering disciplines. With expertise in CAD, Solidworks and Inventor, PCB design and manufacturing, additive and substractive manufacturing, MATLAB, and robotics simulation, I've consistently delivered solutions that bridge the gap between theory and practical application.

mecha -tronics

Precision in motion


A list of some of the mechatronics-related projects that I have completed:

University of York

  1. YORA (York Open Robotics Arena) - Modular robotics arena for robotics mapping and localisation projects, with adaptable walls, floors and obstacles, as well as an interactive LED visual system. Designed using ITEM EngineeringTool and Autodesk Inventor.

  2. RPRK (Raspberry Pi Robotics Kit) - Mobile robot integrating a Raspberry Pi, an ARB board and an Arduino Nano 33 BLE. Designed using Autodesk Inventor, Fusion 360 and Eagle.

  3. ARB (Arduino Robotics Board) - PCB platform for robotics projects, with I2C pins, UART breakout, integrated PWM for motor control and adapted pinouts for ultrasonic sensor integration. Designed using Autodesk Eagle.

  4. EVA Gripper Design and Construction - Adapted gripper, used for a pick and place algorithm project for two Automata EVA robot arms. Designed using Autodesk Inventor.

  5. RASH (Robot Arm Servo Harness) – Servo harness for gripper adaptation into EVA robot arms. Design, testing & manufacturing. Using Inventor and Eagle.


  1. ARAD_CAPFEED – Fixed conveyor belt sensor

  2. LAMS (Starch Formulation System) – Prepared starch samples and vials, tested rheometers – Project for Unilever

Complutense + Museo Reina Sofia

  1. SPAPS (Stereo-Photogrammetry Art Preservation System)

  2. Multi-spectral lighting system

University of Leeds

  1. SMAPS (Stereo-Photogrammetry Mobile Architectural Preservation System) - An autonomous mobile robotic system designed to be able to navigate architectural interiors optimally while taking pictures of its surroundings, to be used for 3D reconstruction through stereophotogrammetry. A systematic design approach was taken using Pahl and Beitz' design process. Two prototypes were produced as a result and modelled using SOLIDWORKS, tested against each other to find the optimal design. Simulated using WeBots utilizing different path-planning algorithms. Developed as final-year Individual Mechatronics and Robotics Project. Achieved a First (1st).

  2. RCB (Remote Control Buggy) - Small remote-control buggy with handheld controller. Custom PCB board featuring a custom-made H-Bridge for PWM control, designed using Ni Multisim, manually soldered. Two tracked wheels and one ultrasonic sensor integrated at the front for obstacle detection. Laser-cut gamepad-shaped controller with two joysticks. Controlm achieved with Arduino UNO, ESP8266 and ESP32 development boards.

  3. NVC (Night Vision Camera) - Handheld infrared night vision camera. Designed using SOLIDWORKS. Website designed for showcase.

  4. Polulu 3pi Robot - Simple electronic line-following robot.

  5. Catapult Project - Mechanical trebuchet design using systematic design processes. Catapult head designed using SOLIDWORKS, rest of the body manfactured using extruded aluminium frames, modified using workshop machine tools (Pillar Dril, Power tools, Guillotine, Belt & Disk Sander).

  6. Tension Powered Buggy - Using SOLIDWORKS

  7. Electronics Labs – Op-amps, Logic gates, H-bridge, Low pass & High pass filters, Integrated Circuits, UART Serial interface for PIC Chip, MBED

  8. Gamepad console construction

  9. Boat animatronic system - Using Fusion 360

  10. Lion figure 3D design for additive manufacturing - Using Blender and Ultimaker 3D printer.

Mirabal International School

  1. Current Generating Pendulum

  2. Tesla Coil Experiment

  3. Line-Following Robot


  1. RFL (Robot Fighting League) – Robot for robot fighting league

  2. ARA (Arduino Robot Arm)

  3. Line-Following Robot

  4. 3D Printed Robot Hand